Inspiring Prayer Will Change Your Life

My current book I am writing is about prayer.  I am learning the more I pray the more that is being revealed about how prayer works.  How amazing that God gave us the ability to communicate with Him, but He communicates back with us it’s not with just words, but the fruits of the HolyContinue reading “Inspiring Prayer Will Change Your Life”

Spiritual Soaring

The eagle spreads its mighty wings             Soaring over the reaches of time His eye is keen upon the horizon             Turning his head from side to side Searching for the tender branch to take             Back to the mountain nest. There is power in each sweep of the             Mighty eagle wings gliding onContinue reading “Spiritual Soaring”

Fulfilling God’s Plan to Love One Another

This is a challenging scripture for those living in the flesh because we find it hard to lay our lives down for fellow Christians. Think of all the Christians you know and in your own strength can you give up your will and focus on their lives?