Fulfilling God’s Plan to Love One Another

Father in prayer please pour into our spirits the fresh soft flow of God’s rest to soothe our souls. Often the cares of life overcome us, so we forget who our source is and forget to trust you. Let us wait in prayer allowing you to pour out your rich inheritance upon us. Taking more time to meditate on the sweet name of Jesus so our hearts will be opened to the truth. We want to allow God through prayer to pour into our hearts His love in overflowing abundance so that we many share this overflowing cup with others. We are thankful that we can now participate in the Kingdom of God as citizens and not wait until we die. Rejoice children of God for today is the age of abounding grace. Miraculously we now want to share this truth out of the rivers of grace that pour abundantly into our heart. We now speak into the heart of the lost with a cup of cold water from the river of life.

By this we come to know — progressively to recognize,

to perceive, to understand the [essential] love: 

that He laid down His [own] life for us;

and we ought to lay [our] lives down

for [those who are our] brothers [in Him].”

I John 3:16 AMP

This is a challenging scripture for those living in the flesh because we find it hard to lay our lives down for fellow Christians. Think of all the Christians you know and in your own strength can you give up your will and focus on their lives? The key to this is praying to progressively grow in your understanding of Jesus love for you. As we comprehend this new position in Christ through salvation, we are filled with a God kind of love. Through this mercy, we are transformed so we can lovingly be merciful to others. The closer we get to God the more we will realize that Christian love is not just smiling and giving money at church. In fellowship we start to be aware of other’s needs, then the Lord leads us to give of ourselves to others. Another way to love others is by serious intercessory prayer where we sacrifice time to stand in the gap by the authority of Jesus name. This newfound compassion is the miraculous result of a rich two-way conversation with our Father. Intercessors should wait upon the Lord for His leading and then pray with resurrection authority according to God’s will. The newfound ability to approach the throne with full access to wisdom allows us to carry this truth with authority into a darkened world. This ministry of reconciliation is the greatest gift we will ever be given in this lifetime.

Becoming Children of God

“But to as many as did receive and welcome Him,

He gave the right [the authority, the privilege]

to become children of God, that is,

to those who believe in

(adhere to, trust in, and rely on)

His name—”

John 1:12 AMP

Father I pray, “How can I best receive and welcome you into my heart daily?”  First, I need to accept Jesus Christ as my savior, but what should I do next to experience the fullness of this relationship.  Let us pray now for insight into these new rights as children of God.  May these words and your prayers open doors for wisdom today.  What is inherently part of this new right?  I know one thing:  God now listens to our prayers and responds.  We do not want to be praying vain words with no results because this is not satisfying to anyone.  Nor do we want to waste our time on earth neglecting this opportunity to build our relationship with God.  Focus is the key word for Christians in these last days.  How do we focus and show our Father that we believe in Him?  Note: living by faith means that we act like what we believe.  As children of God, we need to act like it by our loving our Father with all our heart and then loving others.  This is a miraculous gift given to us because we do not normally love God or others.  Next, we must trust our Father, which can be difficult for humans who have been hurt in past.  Pray now to forgive those who have damaged your trust in relationships, so that you can trust God.  This is another miracle for believers:  the ability to repent of all our resentments against others and forgive those who have offended us is not natural.  Normally we would have a lifetime of resentments haunting our mind from the past, but God wants us to let this go so we can finally trust in the one true relationship with our Father.  Finally, He wants us to rely on Him for everything.  Through prayer our minds become open to the change Jesus has made in our hearts.  We find ourselves more pliable and obedient to God’s leading than ever before.  All these experiences transform our mind into the image of Christ increasing our ability to change the lives of those we love and developing eternal relationships.

Receiving the Son’s Inheritance

“He who is victorious shall inherit all these things,

and I will be God to him and he shall be My son.”

Revelation 21:7 AMPC

He who is victorious shall inherit all things

Let us be sure that we have this clear:  Jesus is the one and only Son of the Father.  Any son-ship that we receive is through the one son Jesus the Messiah.  He is the only one worthy to be called a Son in all His righteousness.  Due to His relationship with the Father and as a result of His obedience He has inherited all things.  His resurrection was the ultimate victory resulting in a wondrous event that has changed our lives for eternity.

For by grace we have been adopted by the Father into this relationship with His Son.  Amazingly God includes us in this loving relationship, which can only happen by us believing in the crucifixion of Jesus for our sins.  Only then, forgiven do we become the church who is the bride of Christ.  I cannot stress enough that everything about the Christian walk is based upon our relationships with God and others.  Our relationship with Jesus is perfecting us as a bride for Himself to enjoy for eternity.  The church-bride inheritance is a lavish gift given because we are prepared in proper adornment for the great wedding day.  Right now, the Father is cleansing His church-bride through the shed blood of Jesus and by the pure unadulterated word of God which opens the door for us to live in His righteousness.  The wonderful thing that God keeps reminding us again and again is that we can begin to participate in this life of riches in our newfound eternal relationship with the Father and the groom His Son.  This inheritance which we so often fail to recognize is way beyond all earthly riches.  There is nothing more valuable in the whole universe than this relationship established with the Father and the Son by His Holy Spirit. 

Hadron Collider $4.5 Billion Folly

Humankind though science continually funds outrageously expensive science projects to understand the underlying substance of the universe to only find they know even less with every discovery.  We built a large hadron collider for $4.75 billion to find out the substructure of the universe.  The sad part is that the human mind is not capable of understanding anything beyond space and time, yet we have an irresistible urge to find something more permanent and truer.  Not only are we bound to the limits of this physical universe we also have sin clouding our thoughts.  A spirit filled Christian does have access into some of the secrets of the spiritual world clothed in eternal splendor. This why these writings are so confusing and valueless to the normal person.  Only a humble person who spends time in prayer will receive the most insights into the Kingdom.  Just try to buy some of the true wealth of the Kingdom.  You cannot buy peace, love or the gift of the Holy Spirit for even $4.5 billion.  The fruit of the Spirit are gifts from God that were paid in full by the one sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  There is one truth: Jesus is the source of life and light without which we are nothing.

“Before anything else existed, there was Christ, with God.
He has always been alive and is himself God.
He created everything there is—nothing exists that he didn’t make.
Eternal life is in him, and this life gives light to all mankind.”
John 1:1-4 TLB

“Christ himself is the Creator who made everything in heaven and earth,
the things we can see and the things we can’t;
the spirit world with its kings and kingdoms, its rulers and authorities;
all were made by Christ for his own use and glory.
He was before all else began and it is his power that holds everything together.”
Colossians 1:16-17 TLB

The Prophetic Bride of Christ

“Thus you were decked with gold and silver;

and your raiment was of fine linen, and silk,

and embroidered cloth; you ate fine flour and honey and oil. 

You grew exceedingly beautiful, and came to regal estate.

And your renown went forth among the nations

because of your beauty, for it was perfect

through the splendor which

I had bestowed upon you,

says the Lord God”

Ezekiel 16:13-14 RSV

No matter how you dress up the human body, even with gold and silver, it is still vanity in the long run.  Unfortunately, even the most exceedingly beautiful body will deteriorate and die.  In this world we can only see a glimpse of physical beauty and then it is gone in a wisp.  Ezekiel prophesied of a more perfect eternal beauty that started with a plan between our Father and His Son where they would go into a faraway land to find a bride.  And build a relationship of love between the Son and His bride that He would bestow wealth upon.  This scripture is speaking of a new life born in resurrection power decked in true eternal gold and silver.  Washed in the blood and adorned in embroidered fine linen and silk that will not fade, because they adorn a new immortal bride.  In this new position of wealth, we can partake of the bread of life made only with the finest flour, honey and oil.  Through the gift of the Holy Spirit we are sustained by manna that will not decay.  We can drink from a fountain so pure that we will never thirst again.  Reminding us of that day when Jesus found us by the well asking for a drink and we learned to ask of Him for water that would finally quench our thirst forever.  Partake of the bread of His flesh and drink the wine of His blood so you will be bonded into holy matrimony with our Lord.  Now we grow beautiful in the Spirit as our soul changes into His image.  Our new beauty that He has bestowed upon us will shine forth not only in this short life, but for eternity says the Lord.  We the bride of Christ the fulfillment of God’s plan shown to Abraham in the covenant and prophesied by the prophet Ezekiel thousands of years ago.  Sadly, this spiritual beauty is not visible to the worldly eye, so the saints are not recognized as a beautiful bride.  In fact, many of the humblest are persecuted, just like Jesus, especially by religious zealots.  Through faith we now live a new life bestowed with heavenly gifts by the earnest of the Holy Spirit.  Our hope is a relationship with the Father through the Son and we are blessed with immeasurable wealth that can never be earned or bought.

The Gift to Love Others

In Christ we are free to love others with this newfound blessing of reconciliation. You can learn all about this gift of reconciliation in II Corinthians 5:18. Now that we have been reconciled to Christ, we have been given the ministry of reconciliation to share with others. Talk about a valuable gift: the gift to love others and show them the source of the true love. We are unable to genuinely love others without the love of God living within us. It is only by the power of the resurrection and the Holy Spirit that we have this gift of reconciliation. We need to spend time in prayer waiting before God, so He can transform us into His loving image. He will purge our attitudes, wrong motives and incorrect judgment of others freeing us to clear thinking with the mind of Christ. Remember that in our flesh with all its selfishness we are not able to love others, but when we die to our self, the we are free to love purely. When we see the wealth endowed upon us by Christ, then we will be generous with others. Not only with our earthly wealth, but most importantly with the gift of reconciliation. We have greater love because we have been forgiven greatly. Thankfully in times of prayer our heart and mind are changed through the resurrection power. As new creations in Christ Jesus we have a new spiritual perspective. With us nothing is possible that has eternal value, but with God our Father nothing is impossible for the sons of God. I pray that each one of us will be consumed by this new relationship with God, by spending time in His presence. And the wonderful part is that God makes all this change in our lives by pouring out His love on us. In Christ we can make choices today that will impact not only the rest of our lives, but for eternity.

Eternal Wealth

Only when we accept Jesus’ one sacrifice are, we absolutely free spiritually becoming the wealthiest people in the universe.  Freedom is a big word throughout the world today.  Many men have been proud of dying to protect freedom or their families are proud now that they are gone.  Why do covet freedom so much?  What is deep down in the human psyche that longs for this ideal?  I pray that I will not offend you, but the only freedom worth dying for is what Jesus provided on the cross.  All other freedom is vain and temporary compared to the riches found in Christ Jesus.  We finally achieve total freedom when recognize we died to ourselves on that cross with Jesus.  Absolute freedom from this worldly prison is to see that it no longer has any value nor effect on our soul.  When we believe this principle, we are worthy vessels for the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit to lead us into a new way of thinking.

“Finding one that is flawless, he immediately sells everything and buys it.  Or, God’s kingdom is like a jewel merchant on the hunt for excellent pearls.”  -Matthew 13:45-46 MSG

Now I pray that you will recognize the value of this new freedom you have in your relationship with a risen Jesus Christ.  I must laugh when I hear Christians say, “I have given my tithes and offerings, so now I am expecting God to bless me with earthly wealth.”  If all we seek is earthy wealth, we have missed the boat and walk away sad like the rich young man in the gospels.  Or what about the throngs going to revivals for physical healing but neglecting the most valuable gift:  forgiveness and freedom resulting in a new life.  Come on church wake up and seek those things above where your Lord and Savoir is seated in the heavenlies.  Recognize that you are now free to not choose sin and you are born again to a new life in resurrection power.  When you get this revelation, you will change you will love the Lord with all your heart and love others.  We are eternally rich, but this is a wealth the world and many Christians will never recognize or value.  Father I ask you to reveal the vast value of a new place in Christ Jesus righteousness.  Drop the scales from our eyes so we can see!  Now that you have mixed the mud of the cross on our eyes, let us go to the River of Life and wash, so we can see.  We were once blind and now we see which all is completed by our Lord Jesus Christ whom we will praise from now on for eternity.


Throughout the ages men have prophesied of Mt. Zion and looked forward to the day they would be able to go up into the holy place. In the Old Testament Jerusalem is referred to as Zion. This old city committed such abominations that they lost their protection and went into captivity. In the New Testament the captives are set free in Jesus name and can enter into this new Mt. Zion. On top of this mount we will find the great and wonderful city of our King, the New Jerusalem. The new city is holy and only those who are holy can enter. The enemies of God cannot even approach this place to defile it. Empowered by the promises of the New Testament we have access to the holy city. This spiritual Mt. Zion is more real than any city on this earth.

Judge Not, so That You Will Not Be Judged

Father, I repent that I have allowed my mind to judge others through a limited perspective and brought judgment on myself.  I know you have taught me in the scriptures that only God has a perfect judgment and you listen to that judgment, so all your judgments are true.  But I still judge the people around me putting them preconceived boxes.  I pray now for forgiveness and ask that I will see others clearly from God’s perspective.  When I pray, I hear God say I have judged all the people I know wrongly.  He is warning me the best practice is to not judge at all but pray with an open mind for others.  If I see what I determine is a defect, then stop lay that at Jesus’ feet in prayer and ask Him what He sees.

I have judged others because of their weight and deemed that person not acceptable per my guidelines.  I repent and ask God to forgive me and please take away this perspective and judgment.  The real question is how God judges this person.

First and foremost, He is concerned for the person’s soul and if they have accepted salvation.  Let us always get to the basics that have eternal results in others’ lives.  Many people save their bodies but lose their souls failing to achieve eternal life.  So, the basis of sound judgment is an eternal perspective through the Holy Spirit.  Once a person has accepted Jesus as their personal savior would the next step for them to change the shape of their body?  Would that be God’s priority?  No first and foremost God cares that they grow in the loving relationship with their Father making that their priority.  My job is to remove stumbling blocks through prayer that would keep anyone from this holy path.  You cannot make anyone else hungry for a relationship with God, but through prayer, the Holy Spirit is able to do the job.  Just pray constantly for a move of God’s Holy Spirit in a person’s life and wait to see the work of God.  Give Him all the glory and never tell the person the change happened because you prayed for them.  You could do nothing but wrongly judge that person before, so now that God has changed your thinking are you going to try and take credit.  Just praise God and encourage the person in the blessings of God, so they will recognize God working in their life.  So, what is more important:  helping someone correct bad health choices or bad eternal spiritual choices.  We should not waste one-moment judging others on the superficial issues, but prayerfully get to the business of loving them and showing them how to build their relationship with the Father.  So, we have understood that when we judge others, we do not help them and only bring judgment on ourselves.  We now see that only God can change another person in an eternal way, so all we can do is recognize that and pray for wisdom to see the miracles He is doing in others’ lives each day.  It is a paradigm shift:  we cannot change others, because we can only change ourselves.  We can pray for others and watch God make the changes, then give Him all the glory.

Obeying the Precepts of the Law Is Not the Right Choice

Carved Nativity group made by Faith Craft
Carved Nativity group made by Faith Craft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

28 For we hold that a person is justified by faith apart from works prescribed by the law. nrsv
A person is made righteous by faith. That is, they can make consistent right choices because they have been justified.  Justification is done by repentance and the faith in the shed blood of Jesus.  Until someone has been justified, they cannot dwell in the presence of God–therefore they cannot see things from His perspective.  Right choices are made from a gift of faith, understanding and wisdom and we are not to take credit for our new found ability.  We do not earn salvation by just making right choices.  We gain salvation by accepting the call of God upon our life and receiving the gift of grace.  We must always give God the glory for all our victory, because without Jesus we could not be righteous.  All men have fallen and gone astray–not one man has made any right choices on his own.  We do not gain position in the kingdom by works (acting on choices), we only gain position from the gift of salvation completely by grace.  Now that we are saved and continue in this path of faith and righteousness, we can make decisions that will bring eternal reward.  It is a miracle of God that mere man could make a decision that would have an impact in the eternities in other words it all God.
Romans 4
5 But to one who without works trusts him who justifies the ungodly, such faith is reckoned as righteousness.  nrsv

The key is to trust the Lord to justify our lives by His shed blood, not our works.  When we trust God, this means we consistently believe in Him and act like it naturally.  This is faith and when we operate our decision making this way, then we are making right choices consistently and are therefore righteous.

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