Partaking of the River of Life

I took this photo at Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

God is pouring out His richness upon you in the fresh soft flow of His Spirit to rest and soothe your soul.    Hear the sweet name of Jesus in your heart as the opening blossom of truth.  Into your heart God pours His love in an overflowing abundance.  Now we can see  the Kingdom of God is at hand and we love the King.  Rejoice for today is the age of abounding grace.  Remember we are encouraged to share this truth with those who are deaf and blind praying for a miracle.  Healing miracles of the body are a sign of God’s work, but the real miracles are in salvation leading to eternal life.  Speak into their heart with a cup of cold water from the river of grace.

Hunger for Fellowship With God

I will be the first to admit that I am not always hungry for God.  I am not always excited to pray and fellowship with others.  In fact, it is not normal for humans to be hungry to know God.  Unfortunately, some Christians are excited about fellowship, but not to get to know Jesus they just enjoy socializing.  Just know this:  Did God ever say that you would feel like loving Him and others?  No, He told us to love him and others.  You know we can pretend to love others, but people are not fooled in the long run they discern our motives.  This is a life of faith where we die to self and let God do the work in us.  Today I say that my life on this earth in all its woes is dead in Christ, so I submit to His will seeking what He has in store for me today.  I continually ask God to reveal Himself through the Holy Spirit in such a way that is so inspiring it changes my life.  But for this to happen I must do my part and wait upon the Lord listening to Him in prayer.  Unfortunately, the most common prayer is simple and selfishly one sided.  To hear from God takes patience listening to God’s words by the Holy Spirit which changes our life. 

God is Judging Our Motives

Our Father will test your motives through suffering.  I wish I could tell you that from now on as a Christian all trials and temptations will go away in this life.  Your faith is revealed by your response to the trial because you are either become better or bitter.  The test is this do we persevere to know God’s Kingdom or just numb our senses with the pleasures of this world.  In fact, the scriptures tell us to take great joy in these trials of our faith if they are for Christ’s sake because they will bring eternal reward.  Everyone’s motives will ultimately be revealed at the Judgement, but as a Christian we want to get these issues cleared up in our lifetime long before the judgment occurs. 

The Death of Adam and Eve

The Worst Moment in Time

Have you ever wondered why when Adam and Eve sinned and partook of the Tree of Good and Evil, that they did not die immediately as God told them, but their earthly bodies lived on many years?  This is because we are looking at life in a limited earthly term.  In the garden of Eden, they walked and talked with God daily with His full protection they were never going to die.  When they were expelled from the garden, they lost communication, protection and immortality, so even though their bodies lived on they were dead.  True life is gone when you lose your relationship with God.  When we are born again, we become alive again, but natural man cannot comprehend.  Jesus restores our relationship pouring a river of life into our hearts through His Holy Spirit.  Jesus said die to the flesh and live in the spirit, which is eternal reality.  Most people think the world is reality, but that is because they have no insight into eternity.

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Major Hindrances to Our Relationship with the Father

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Our Father has spoken to us in such sweet and encouraging words of love, but in His love, He wants to perfect the bride for his Son’s wedding feast.  Every Christian longs for the day they will see Jesus face to face, but first we need to humble ourselves in the presence of God so we can learn obedience.  Even now as we bow our heads in prayer, we receive His sacrificial love into our spirit.  For this wonderful inheritance we give everything to serve Him.  Yet our motives are examined under the bright light of the Holy Spirit.

In this path of obedience God warns us of the danger of unbelief, which is a destroyer of our faith.  As saints we cry out for help with our unbelief because we cannot comprehend God in the flesh.  We too once said until God proves Himself, we will not believe.  But Jesus clearly teaches that those who believe, though having never seen, are accounted with a greater blessing.  Great is the faith of those who have not had a vision of God yet believe.  By faith they give their life as a sacrifice for this newfound treasure.  Pray that God will increase your faith, so that you will be rewarded for eternity.  You may wonder what will we be doing with this reward for eternity?  Eternity is when we will take this unbounded reward and cast crowns before the throne of Jesus Christ.  Have you ever seen a group of children throwing coins into a fountain and seen the disappointment on that child’s face of a child with none left?  As children of God we have eternal grace so that we will be able to give Jesus glory throughout eternity.

In this new walk with Jesus the Holy Spirit heals us from a lack of persistence.  Ask God for strength so that you may be counted as faithful.  Jesus call us daily from our lethargy to a ministry of service in these last days.  Free us from our flesh, so we become new in Christ Jesus.  May we be the bridesmaid who is prepared for Christ’s return.  God knows our flesh is weak seeking the path of least resistance desiring pleasure.  But as we pray, we are changed into the body of Christ and this as a miracle that we give God all the glory.  Father please cleanse the lack of persistence from my soul, because I give up so quickly when I come against a challenge.  Pray for faith to press on trusting God to open doors.  The Holy Spirit fills us with God’s gift of faith, so we may bring a message of hope to a dying world.  We praise God for any perseverance in our Christian walk giving Him all the glory.

Cleanse us of wrong motives and desires, so that we stop neglecting God and disobeying Him.  Unfortunately, we neglect God thinking we can manage on our own when things were going smoothly.  Its not until that day life comes to abrupt halt due to a death, addiction or failing relationships that we seek to restore our neglected relationship with God.  But what happens when things go smooth again?  Do we start to neglect God by forsaking fellowship, not meditating in the Bible and lack of prayer?  This is the natural but pray that the Holy Spirit fills you full of love, joy and hope so that we value relationships.  Look for a miracle every day for the rest of your life as God works in our lives and others.  In obedience we are changed into the image of Christ who loved His Father and obeyed Him daily.

This Universe Will Disintegrate

Even the scientist believe the universe will disintegrate per this video. We praise God that we are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is eternal.

“But you should never lose sight of this fact, dear friends, that time is not the same with the Lord as it is with us—to him a day may be a thousand years, and a thousand years only a day. It is not that he is dilatory about keeping his own promise as some men seem to think; the fact is that he is very patient towards you. He has no wish that any man should be destroyed. He wishes that all men should come to repent. Yet it remains true that the day of the Lord will come as suddenly and unexpectedly as a thief. In that day the heavens will disappear in a terrific tearing blast, the very elements will disintegrate in heat and the earth and all that is in it will be burnt up to nothing.” – 2 Peter 3:10 J.B. Phillips New Testament

Fulfilling God’s Plan to Love One Another

Father in prayer please pour into our spirits the fresh soft flow of God’s rest to soothe our souls. Often the cares of life overcome us, so we forget who our source is and forget to trust you. Let us wait in prayer allowing you to pour out your rich inheritance upon us. Taking more time to meditate on the sweet name of Jesus so our hearts will be opened to the truth. We want to allow God through prayer to pour into our hearts His love in overflowing abundance so that we many share this overflowing cup with others. We are thankful that we can now participate in the Kingdom of God as citizens and not wait until we die. Rejoice children of God for today is the age of abounding grace. Miraculously we now want to share this truth out of the rivers of grace that pour abundantly into our heart. We now speak into the heart of the lost with a cup of cold water from the river of life.

By this we come to know — progressively to recognize,

to perceive, to understand the [essential] love: 

that He laid down His [own] life for us;

and we ought to lay [our] lives down

for [those who are our] brothers [in Him].”

I John 3:16 AMP

This is a challenging scripture for those living in the flesh because we find it hard to lay our lives down for fellow Christians. Think of all the Christians you know and in your own strength can you give up your will and focus on their lives? The key to this is praying to progressively grow in your understanding of Jesus love for you. As we comprehend this new position in Christ through salvation, we are filled with a God kind of love. Through this mercy, we are transformed so we can lovingly be merciful to others. The closer we get to God the more we will realize that Christian love is not just smiling and giving money at church. In fellowship we start to be aware of other’s needs, then the Lord leads us to give of ourselves to others. Another way to love others is by serious intercessory prayer where we sacrifice time to stand in the gap by the authority of Jesus name. This newfound compassion is the miraculous result of a rich two-way conversation with our Father. Intercessors should wait upon the Lord for His leading and then pray with resurrection authority according to God’s will. The newfound ability to approach the throne with full access to wisdom allows us to carry this truth with authority into a darkened world. This ministry of reconciliation is the greatest gift we will ever be given in this lifetime.

Becoming Children of God

“But to as many as did receive and welcome Him,

He gave the right [the authority, the privilege]

to become children of God, that is,

to those who believe in

(adhere to, trust in, and rely on)

His name—”

John 1:12 AMP

Father I pray, “How can I best receive and welcome you into my heart daily?”  First, I need to accept Jesus Christ as my savior, but what should I do next to experience the fullness of this relationship.  Let us pray now for insight into these new rights as children of God.  May these words and your prayers open doors for wisdom today.  What is inherently part of this new right?  I know one thing:  God now listens to our prayers and responds.  We do not want to be praying vain words with no results because this is not satisfying to anyone.  Nor do we want to waste our time on earth neglecting this opportunity to build our relationship with God.  Focus is the key word for Christians in these last days.  How do we focus and show our Father that we believe in Him?  Note: living by faith means that we act like what we believe.  As children of God, we need to act like it by our loving our Father with all our heart and then loving others.  This is a miraculous gift given to us because we do not normally love God or others.  Next, we must trust our Father, which can be difficult for humans who have been hurt in past.  Pray now to forgive those who have damaged your trust in relationships, so that you can trust God.  This is another miracle for believers:  the ability to repent of all our resentments against others and forgive those who have offended us is not natural.  Normally we would have a lifetime of resentments haunting our mind from the past, but God wants us to let this go so we can finally trust in the one true relationship with our Father.  Finally, He wants us to rely on Him for everything.  Through prayer our minds become open to the change Jesus has made in our hearts.  We find ourselves more pliable and obedient to God’s leading than ever before.  All these experiences transform our mind into the image of Christ increasing our ability to change the lives of those we love and developing eternal relationships.

Receiving the Son’s Inheritance

“He who is victorious shall inherit all these things,

and I will be God to him and he shall be My son.”

Revelation 21:7 AMPC

He who is victorious shall inherit all things

Let us be sure that we have this clear:  Jesus is the one and only Son of the Father.  Any son-ship that we receive is through the one son Jesus the Messiah.  He is the only one worthy to be called a Son in all His righteousness.  Due to His relationship with the Father and as a result of His obedience He has inherited all things.  His resurrection was the ultimate victory resulting in a wondrous event that has changed our lives for eternity.

For by grace we have been adopted by the Father into this relationship with His Son.  Amazingly God includes us in this loving relationship, which can only happen by us believing in the crucifixion of Jesus for our sins.  Only then, forgiven do we become the church who is the bride of Christ.  I cannot stress enough that everything about the Christian walk is based upon our relationships with God and others.  Our relationship with Jesus is perfecting us as a bride for Himself to enjoy for eternity.  The church-bride inheritance is a lavish gift given because we are prepared in proper adornment for the great wedding day.  Right now, the Father is cleansing His church-bride through the shed blood of Jesus and by the pure unadulterated word of God which opens the door for us to live in His righteousness.  The wonderful thing that God keeps reminding us again and again is that we can begin to participate in this life of riches in our newfound eternal relationship with the Father and the groom His Son.  This inheritance which we so often fail to recognize is way beyond all earthly riches.  There is nothing more valuable in the whole universe than this relationship established with the Father and the Son by His Holy Spirit.