Climbing Mount Zion (Pt VII)

The Master plan is for Christians to climb Mt. Zion as a team.  Each team member supports each other during the grueling ascent.  Secured to one another with ropes, spiritual climbers can make it to the top safely and keep each other from sliding into the crevasses of sin.  When the team nears the top the revelation of God’s Kingdom is revealed.   At these heights, confusion can set in, so climbers will often start to fight with each other and debate who has the highest position, which is another sign of “altitude sickness” or pride.  The goal of a team of Christian climbers is to reach the summit, the city of God, then turn and behold the most wondrous beauty of all — God’s kingdom.  Those who endure will reach the top and walk safely in the heavenly city of New Jerusalem, in the presence of the Lord.

Ezekiel 20

40 “For on my holy mountain,

the mountain height of Israel, says the Lord God,

there all the house of Israel, all of them,

shall serve me in the land;

there I will accept them,

and there I will require your contributions

and the choicest of your gifts,

with all your sacred offerings.

41 As a pleasing odor I will accept you,

when I bring you out from the peoples,

and gather you out of the countries

where you have been scattered;

and I will manifest my holiness among you

in the sight of the nations. RSV

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