Climbing Mount Zion (Pt IV)

“But for thee, O Lord, do I wait;

it is thou, O Lord my God,

who wilt answer.”

Psalm 38:15 RSV

Base camp resounds with an air of anticipation.  At this spiritual base camp obedient Christians hear the Master’s instructions of repentance, which allows entrance into His Holy presence for provisions.  Here we receive our spiritual tools and clothing for protection.  Wisdom is the most valuable tool the Christian climber needs to have a successful climb.  At high altitudes, the sun melts the snow, freezing at night and forming a treacherous surface.  Climbers must wear spiked shoes, called crampons to avoid slipping on this surface.  Christians without these spiritual shoes will slip on the slopes of false doctrine as they wander off into the high mysteries of God.  His holy tent is overflowing with provisions for each climber, providing strength to climb.  His Tabernacle tent is a temporary dwelling place designed in the image of God’s heavenly throne room.  Here we get a foretaste of our heavenly goal.  Here the Lord begins judgment in preparation for us to stand in His presence, which is holy.  Listen carefully and the Lord will speak into your heart, “Because you have obeyed and sacrificed your life for Me, I will recognize you with the reward of a successful climb to the top of Mount Zion.”  We have our sights on His dwelling place on the side of the mountain where there is a beautiful place for the saints to enjoy Mt. Zion.   

Published by Kingdom is at Hand

Retired so now writing, genealogy, and photography are my hobbies as I travel in my new RV.

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