Climbing Mount Zion (Pt III)

Monarch, CO – copywrite John H Nye 2020

“Waiting on the Lord” is the first step in a successful climb of Mount Zion

Expedition teams fly to a base camp to climb high mountains without hiking and packing in equipment for days.  A wise climber will not exert all his energy crossing streams in the foothills.  A professional climber will focus all their energy on the mountain.  Christian climber, the Holy Spirit is your only way to base camp.  The base camp for Mount Zion is beyond mortal reach.  Christians must wait on the Lord in prayer and then they will fly like eagles into the mountains on a spiritual updraft to greater heights.  To be successful you must learn what it means to wait on the Lord to know God’s will.  Surprisingly, waiting on the Lord does not mean — do nothing at all.  An experienced restaurant waiter works endlessly, but always waiting for the customer’s call.  An excellent waiter always has an ear attentively listening for a call from the one he is serving.  A highly skilled waiter anticipates the needs of those he serves.  Christians must learn to discern the subtle signals of Jesus.  As a true servant of the Lord we will learn to respond to His needs.  We will know His perfect will, because of our personal relationship with Him.  Our lives are transformed when we learn to pray according to God’s will.

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Retired so now writing, genealogy, and photography are my hobbies as I travel in my new RV.

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