Comprehending the Cross

Cross and sunset

Come to Calvary

Stand upon that lonely hill

For a moment

Let the Roman centurions grab you

Feel the fear

Smell the stench of death

You are the criminal

About to feel the pain

Of judgment for your sin

If you say, “What sin?”

Then you are free to go

But if you admit your guilt

You are condemned to die

Someone must pay the price

Just as you lay upon the cross

The hammer swings up high

But the hand of an angel stops

The mighty blow to pierce your flesh

You start to thank the angel

They you fully realize

Someone, your best friend

Has laid down on the cross

In your place to suffer

Before you could say no!

They pierced his hands

Pushed you out of harm’s way

And raised him up for all to see

Behold Jesus hanging on the cross

Stand closer, watch, and listen

He took your place

Hanging on your cross

You stand before Him speechless

You want to thank Him

But you don’t know what to say

Jesus, I love you!

If only I could soften the pain

He refuses the numbing wine

When I realized there was nothing I could do

I fell to the rocky ground

Laying there I wept

I heard Jesus talk with God

Gradually I opened my tear stained eyes

My hands were covered with blood

Jesus called to God then died

Suddenly there was a release

My fears vanished

The heaviness in the air lifted

Even the centurions started to praise God

I stood to my feet and stepped back

There hung my savior with all my sin

Dead on my cross

At that moment I sensed the bond

The promise of eternal life

I committed to serve Him forever!

~ by John H. Nye

Published by Kingdom is at Hand

Retired so now writing, genealogy, and photography are my hobbies as I travel in my new RV.

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