Spiritual Soaring


The eagle spreads its mighty wings

            Soaring over the reaches of time

His eye is keen upon the horizon

            Turning his head from side to side

Searching for the tender branch to take

            Back to the mountain nest.

There is power in each sweep of the

            Mighty eagle wings gliding on the wind

Allow this strength to rise from within

            And reveal to you the things of God

Look through the eye of an eagle

            Amazed at the scope of vision

For millenniums he searched the hillsides

            For the tender shoot perfect in every way.

You are flying high over the world

            Miles above the grasping reach of trees.

Uplifted by the updrafts of the Holy Spirit

            Moving in the peaceful will of God

Roll back and dive through the mountains

            The cascading streams freshen the air.

Once you rested in the downy nest of God

            Waiting daily in the presence of the Lord

Under the wings of the Almighty

            A place of refuge, a tall fortress.

A tender branch taken back to the nest

            Centuries ago, has grown to a mighty tree.

The roots have reached solidly into the crags

            And drink of cool glacial streams.

From this mighty position you are able to fly!

            You must learn to trust and leap.

He will lift you up on the wings of eagles

            And you will soar into revelations.

The winds of the Holy Spirit carry you on

            To lands of victory with rivers of life.

Look at the sparkle in the eagle’s eye

            At the glory of heaven’s throne reflecting

This eagle is strong from feasting on rich fruit

            And drinking of rivers in high places.

On your royal table sits a golden chalice

            Full of blood red wine for sustenance

Engraved with eagle’s jeweled eyes

            The one who carried the tender shoot

To the highest place at the right hand of God

            This plant grew to a mighty vine

Abundant fruit, riches, and blessings

            The joy of the Lord is overflowing

The hills and trees clap their hands

            The table is set for the festival.

by John H Nye

Published by Kingdom is at Hand

Retired so now writing, genealogy, and photography are my hobbies as I travel in my new RV.

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