Don’t Underestimate the Value of Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer (Le Pater Noster), by James TissotBrooklyn Museum

…and have put on the new nature,

which is being renewed in knowledge

after the image of its creator. 

Colossians 3:10 RSV

Through prayer in the Holy Spirit we need to focus our thoughts upon the Father asking for a fuller understanding of His love.  But prayer is so hard in our age of multimedia to take the time to be quiet before the Lord and listen to His spiritual promptings.  The value of prayer cannot be underestimated because the intimate knowledge of God as our loving Father is essential for a successful walk through this life in preparation for eternity.  We cannot thank Jesus enough for opening a way into this relationship with God as our Father.  We are so thankful that He sent the Comforter the Holy Spirit to give us spiritual eyes to see our new relationship with your Father.  Prayer refreshes our spirit and changes our heart so we can let our guard down to finally trust God.  Through continued prayer we will recognize that we are the apple of His eye seeing His plan for our life.

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Retired so now writing, genealogy, and photography are my hobbies as I travel in my new RV.

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