3 steps to follow when talking about God (to avoid offending people) – Acts 17, Part 3

This is one of the most well-written blogs I have read on how to share this good news of Jesus with others without offending people.

Let's Talk About Sunday

Photo by Anna Kurmaeva on Unsplash

It can be difficult and scary to talk about God. And maybe for some of us, it always will be, as talking about God can feel very personal, or very easily offensive. But in this post, as we continue to follow Paul’s journey as told in Acts 17, Paul will demonstrate how to talk about God with graciousness. In the first post, Paul was in Thessalonica, and the in second post we learned about his visit to Berea. After his ministry was so well-received in Berea, trouble flared up, so Paul traveled to Athens.

In Paul’s day Athens was, as it is now, a historically famous city, featuring the famous Parthenon, depicted above.  A couple hundred years before Paul’s time, Athens was home to some of history’s greatest philosophical minds: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.  Things had changed since those days when Athens was…

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