Justice Will Be Served

As a child of God do not be concerned with fairness because only God knows the motives of each saint to reward as He sees fit.  There is no injustice in the Kingdom of Heaven.  A sanctified Christian will rejoice in other people’s victories and spiritual rewards.  This world is full of injustice and you will see it every day you live on this earth.  The most unjust acts are against Christians because the world does not recognize who they are in Christ.  Satan confuses the world, so they cannot comprehend God, therefore, hating Christians who live in the light. But do not think for one minute that your cries resulting from injustice are going unheard by you Father?  In fact, God is gathering up a greater reward for those misjudged by the world and persecuted.  This is best exemplified by Jesus who was a pure lamb, but the world judged Him and unjustly crucified Him, so now He is rewarded with the throne of God.  Rest assured every one of your prayers offered with a pure motive will be answered.  Since we live in a world limited by time and space, we do not understand the eternal reward system.  God’s judgment is perfect and will prevail ultimately protecting His lambs.  Jesus our Lord has risen from the altar of the cross to the throne of Heaven where He is preparing to return with fire to make all things right.  Rest assured that the enemies who have persecuted the saints will face God’s precise destruction.  We need to trust patiently in the face of injustice believing our Father will reclaim our justice with bountiful rewards. In fact, we can be thankful that we will not receive what we deserve for our sin at the Judgement Seat of God. 

Published by Kingdom is at Hand

Retired so now writing, genealogy, and photography are my hobbies as I travel in my new RV.

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