Hunger for Fellowship With God

I will be the first to admit that I am not always hungry for God.  I am not always excited to pray and fellowship with others.  In fact, it is not normal for humans to be hungry to know God.  Unfortunately, some Christians are excited about fellowship, but not to get to know Jesus they just enjoy socializing.  Just know this:  Did God ever say that you would feel like loving Him and others?  No, He told us to love him and others.  You know we can pretend to love others, but people are not fooled in the long run they discern our motives.  This is a life of faith where we die to self and let God do the work in us.  Today I say that my life on this earth in all its woes is dead in Christ, so I submit to His will seeking what He has in store for me today.  I continually ask God to reveal Himself through the Holy Spirit in such a way that is so inspiring it changes my life.  But for this to happen I must do my part and wait upon the Lord listening to Him in prayer.  Unfortunately, the most common prayer is simple and selfishly one sided.  To hear from God takes patience listening to God’s words by the Holy Spirit which changes our life. 

God is Judging Our Motives

Our Father will test your motives through suffering.  I wish I could tell you that from now on as a Christian all trials and temptations will go away in this life.  Your faith is revealed by your response to the trial because you are either become better or bitter.  The test is this do we persevere to know God’s Kingdom or just numb our senses with the pleasures of this world.  In fact, the scriptures tell us to take great joy in these trials of our faith if they are for Christ’s sake because they will bring eternal reward.  Everyone’s motives will ultimately be revealed at the Judgement, but as a Christian we want to get these issues cleared up in our lifetime long before the judgment occurs. 

The Death of Adam and Eve

The Worst Moment in Time

Have you ever wondered why when Adam and Eve sinned and partook of the Tree of Good and Evil, that they did not die immediately as God told them, but their earthly bodies lived on many years?  This is because we are looking at life in a limited earthly term.  In the garden of Eden, they walked and talked with God daily with His full protection they were never going to die.  When they were expelled from the garden, they lost communication, protection and immortality, so even though their bodies lived on they were dead.  True life is gone when you lose your relationship with God.  When we are born again, we become alive again, but natural man cannot comprehend.  Jesus restores our relationship pouring a river of life into our hearts through His Holy Spirit.  Jesus said die to the flesh and live in the spirit, which is eternal reality.  Most people think the world is reality, but that is because they have no insight into eternity.

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