Major Hindrances to Our Relationship with the Father

Just wanted to say hi! Thanks for reading my blog. I have recently retired and now writing my second book “Becoming a Son in Christ”. So far all my posts have been excerpts from a new book I am currently writing. My last book is the “Kingdom is at Hand: An Exploration of Mt. Zion”. There is a Kindle and paperback edition for sale on Amazon.

Our Father has spoken to us in such sweet and encouraging words of love, but in His love, He wants to perfect the bride for his Son’s wedding feast.  Every Christian longs for the day they will see Jesus face to face, but first we need to humble ourselves in the presence of God so we can learn obedience.  Even now as we bow our heads in prayer, we receive His sacrificial love into our spirit.  For this wonderful inheritance we give everything to serve Him.  Yet our motives are examined under the bright light of the Holy Spirit.

In this path of obedience God warns us of the danger of unbelief, which is a destroyer of our faith.  As saints we cry out for help with our unbelief because we cannot comprehend God in the flesh.  We too once said until God proves Himself, we will not believe.  But Jesus clearly teaches that those who believe, though having never seen, are accounted with a greater blessing.  Great is the faith of those who have not had a vision of God yet believe.  By faith they give their life as a sacrifice for this newfound treasure.  Pray that God will increase your faith, so that you will be rewarded for eternity.  You may wonder what will we be doing with this reward for eternity?  Eternity is when we will take this unbounded reward and cast crowns before the throne of Jesus Christ.  Have you ever seen a group of children throwing coins into a fountain and seen the disappointment on that child’s face of a child with none left?  As children of God we have eternal grace so that we will be able to give Jesus glory throughout eternity.

In this new walk with Jesus the Holy Spirit heals us from a lack of persistence.  Ask God for strength so that you may be counted as faithful.  Jesus call us daily from our lethargy to a ministry of service in these last days.  Free us from our flesh, so we become new in Christ Jesus.  May we be the bridesmaid who is prepared for Christ’s return.  God knows our flesh is weak seeking the path of least resistance desiring pleasure.  But as we pray, we are changed into the body of Christ and this as a miracle that we give God all the glory.  Father please cleanse the lack of persistence from my soul, because I give up so quickly when I come against a challenge.  Pray for faith to press on trusting God to open doors.  The Holy Spirit fills us with God’s gift of faith, so we may bring a message of hope to a dying world.  We praise God for any perseverance in our Christian walk giving Him all the glory.

Cleanse us of wrong motives and desires, so that we stop neglecting God and disobeying Him.  Unfortunately, we neglect God thinking we can manage on our own when things were going smoothly.  Its not until that day life comes to abrupt halt due to a death, addiction or failing relationships that we seek to restore our neglected relationship with God.  But what happens when things go smooth again?  Do we start to neglect God by forsaking fellowship, not meditating in the Bible and lack of prayer?  This is the natural but pray that the Holy Spirit fills you full of love, joy and hope so that we value relationships.  Look for a miracle every day for the rest of your life as God works in our lives and others.  In obedience we are changed into the image of Christ who loved His Father and obeyed Him daily.

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Retired so now writing, genealogy, and photography are my hobbies as I travel in my new RV.

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