The Prophetic Bride of Christ

“Thus you were decked with gold and silver;

and your raiment was of fine linen, and silk,

and embroidered cloth; you ate fine flour and honey and oil. 

You grew exceedingly beautiful, and came to regal estate.

And your renown went forth among the nations

because of your beauty, for it was perfect

through the splendor which

I had bestowed upon you,

says the Lord God”

Ezekiel 16:13-14 RSV

No matter how you dress up the human body, even with gold and silver, it is still vanity in the long run.  Unfortunately, even the most exceedingly beautiful body will deteriorate and die.  In this world we can only see a glimpse of physical beauty and then it is gone in a wisp.  Ezekiel prophesied of a more perfect eternal beauty that started with a plan between our Father and His Son where they would go into a faraway land to find a bride.  And build a relationship of love between the Son and His bride that He would bestow wealth upon.  This scripture is speaking of a new life born in resurrection power decked in true eternal gold and silver.  Washed in the blood and adorned in embroidered fine linen and silk that will not fade, because they adorn a new immortal bride.  In this new position of wealth, we can partake of the bread of life made only with the finest flour, honey and oil.  Through the gift of the Holy Spirit we are sustained by manna that will not decay.  We can drink from a fountain so pure that we will never thirst again.  Reminding us of that day when Jesus found us by the well asking for a drink and we learned to ask of Him for water that would finally quench our thirst forever.  Partake of the bread of His flesh and drink the wine of His blood so you will be bonded into holy matrimony with our Lord.  Now we grow beautiful in the Spirit as our soul changes into His image.  Our new beauty that He has bestowed upon us will shine forth not only in this short life, but for eternity says the Lord.  We the bride of Christ the fulfillment of God’s plan shown to Abraham in the covenant and prophesied by the prophet Ezekiel thousands of years ago.  Sadly, this spiritual beauty is not visible to the worldly eye, so the saints are not recognized as a beautiful bride.  In fact, many of the humblest are persecuted, just like Jesus, especially by religious zealots.  Through faith we now live a new life bestowed with heavenly gifts by the earnest of the Holy Spirit.  Our hope is a relationship with the Father through the Son and we are blessed with immeasurable wealth that can never be earned or bought.

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Retired so now writing, genealogy, and photography are my hobbies as I travel in my new RV.

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