Judge Not, so That You Will Not Be Judged

Father, I repent that I have allowed my mind to judge others through a limited perspective and brought judgment on myself.  I know you have taught me in the scriptures that only God has a perfect judgment and you listen to that judgment, so all your judgments are true.  But I still judge the people around me putting them preconceived boxes.  I pray now for forgiveness and ask that I will see others clearly from God’s perspective.  When I pray, I hear God say I have judged all the people I know wrongly.  He is warning me the best practice is to not judge at all but pray with an open mind for others.  If I see what I determine is a defect, then stop lay that at Jesus’ feet in prayer and ask Him what He sees.

I have judged others because of their weight and deemed that person not acceptable per my guidelines.  I repent and ask God to forgive me and please take away this perspective and judgment.  The real question is how God judges this person.

First and foremost, He is concerned for the person’s soul and if they have accepted salvation.  Let us always get to the basics that have eternal results in others’ lives.  Many people save their bodies but lose their souls failing to achieve eternal life.  So, the basis of sound judgment is an eternal perspective through the Holy Spirit.  Once a person has accepted Jesus as their personal savior would the next step for them to change the shape of their body?  Would that be God’s priority?  No first and foremost God cares that they grow in the loving relationship with their Father making that their priority.  My job is to remove stumbling blocks through prayer that would keep anyone from this holy path.  You cannot make anyone else hungry for a relationship with God, but through prayer, the Holy Spirit is able to do the job.  Just pray constantly for a move of God’s Holy Spirit in a person’s life and wait to see the work of God.  Give Him all the glory and never tell the person the change happened because you prayed for them.  You could do nothing but wrongly judge that person before, so now that God has changed your thinking are you going to try and take credit.  Just praise God and encourage the person in the blessings of God, so they will recognize God working in their life.  So, what is more important:  helping someone correct bad health choices or bad eternal spiritual choices.  We should not waste one-moment judging others on the superficial issues, but prayerfully get to the business of loving them and showing them how to build their relationship with the Father.  So, we have understood that when we judge others, we do not help them and only bring judgment on ourselves.  We now see that only God can change another person in an eternal way, so all we can do is recognize that and pray for wisdom to see the miracles He is doing in others’ lives each day.  It is a paradigm shift:  we cannot change others, because we can only change ourselves.  We can pray for others and watch God make the changes, then give Him all the glory.

Published by Kingdom is at Hand

Retired so now writing, genealogy, and photography are my hobbies as I travel in my new RV.

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